October 2015 Update

Greetings to all of you in the great name of our Lord Jesus!

We rejoice in His goodness and mercy daily.

Lisa Goss sitting at the computer working on the website
Lisa Goss working on the ministry website

Lisa Goss, part of our team in Texas has been working to upgrade the radio, website and Bible Institute portions of the ministry. We praise the Lord that He continues to use the internet to reach the world with His good news. The Bible Institute is being streamlined for easier use.

Evangelistic Outreach

We have been invited to bring Bible studies to two different homes in the area in the last month. Those involved are young in the Lord and have great needs in their lives because of the darkness they have lived in.

Our outreach for the children, Kids’ Night Out, continues to grow and change. We have moved out of the sanctuary and into the gym. We also have several parents and grandparents helping out now, which gives us the chance to spend more time individually with the kids.

Sin in the Camp

Many have a wrong concept that here in the Navajo Nation alcohol is THE problem, but a real root problem is the rampant sexual immorality in the church. We are made aware of it on an almost daily basis as we talk with people here, and the Lord Jesus weeps over it.

Agricultural Department

A hole that has been dug for one of the fruit trees
One of the holes dug for our apple orchard.

Agriculture is another portion of the ministry vision that we are pursuing. There are worm beds and compost to work. We are preparing the ground and digging holes for planting fruit trees. We are also getting rid of prairie dogs and their holes, and we are pruning and spraying the trees because of caterpillar infestations. There is always mowing and raking of areas around the buildings to do as well.