January 2017 Update

Ministry Update

We are thankful and blessed to report that in late December we closed on the Flory Street property.

B4L Ministry headquarters front view
B4L Ministry headquarters
B4L Ministry headquarters rear view
Headquarters, rear view

A local appraiser donated his services for the appraisal we needed, and honestly, we kind of just stood by and watched as things really just fell into place.
The owners were very generous in donating a significant amount of the total price needed. We are thankful to the Lord for touching people’s hearts in wanting to help.

Our new little headquarters is debt-free and owned by Breakthrough 4 Life Ministries!!! It is a small 3-bedroom house (1348 square feet) which includes an add-on that is attached and is perfect for our office. There is another room off of the kitchen that we use as a pantry and storage. We plan to make half of it into an area to put a bed for guests, etc.

Our initial plan for the house is to invest about $3000 over the next 6 months for needed repairs and upgrades.  The roof needs to be tightened up. The bathroom needs a new vanity, faucet, floor and some kind of storage system. The kitchen needs a new counter top, faucet and flooring. And also paint, paint, paint all around!!! There are also a few electrical issues that need to be looked into. (Hint, hint, to a certain electrician who may be reading this! :-))

Our goal and purpose is to do the necessary maintenance that is needed and also to make the house appealing and cute for when we are ready to sell. I think that we can do everything ourselves except for the flooring.

This is our initial plan. Each project will be itemized, evaluated for need and cost-effectiveness for return on investment, and most importantly, prayed over specifically for the Lord’s purpose and direction.

I have learned over the years that what may seem obviously needed to us isn’t necessarily His timing or purpose. (Phil. 4:6-7) ~

Internet Radio Station Closed for Now

In June of 2008 Pastors Don and Alana launched “BBN 4 Jesus Radio” with Pastor Don at the helm. I can remember the smile on his face as they first went on the air.

Pastor Don Randall teaching on the radio
Broadcasting the Good News
to every land, every day

Pastor Don did just about everything; the setup, programming, voice-overs, announcing, station breaks,
seeking artists to play and newsfeeds, etc. it was a huge undertaking.

“…This is BBN 4 Jesus, dot org”
(Thunder in background.)

What a blessing!

Pastor Don Randall making recordings for the radio
Pastor Don Randall

Through the years Lisa and then Linda began to help, and over time Pastor Don simply was not able to be the integral part of it as he once was.

Lisa has been able to keep the station going the past few years using automation techniques but with no real fresh input.

Screenshot of BBN 4 Jesus Radio playing
“…This is BBN 4 Jesus, dot org…”

Lisa’s time is limited, for the most part having to keep up with a 1-year-old and a 2-year- old along with other ministry duties and activities and with no studio or folks available with the knowledge, burden and passion to run it, we prayerfully decided to close the station for now.

We are keeping the domain name and would be able to put it back up, as the Lord guides and provides. ~

A Simple Summary of The Vision and Purpose of Breakthrough 4 Life

Our vision going forward is primarily to rescue men who are trapped by the bondage of alcohol, drugs and other addictions and are willing to learn what it means to follow Jesus.

Our vision is also to help any man who, for whatever the reason finds himself overwhelmed in life and needing help, and is willing to learn what it means to follow Jesus.

We believe that this is His purpose and pleasure for B4LM, and from this we must not stray.

I’m certain that along the way He will open other areas of ministry and service, but our core vision and purpose will remain the same.

Lord willing, our next newsletter will be dedicated to sharing the specifics of our strategy and the steps needed to execute that strategy.

Your input and help is needed and desired!

Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established. (Proverbs 15:22)

From all of us here at B4LM,
Thanks for your interest, prayers, support and help. May God Truly Bless you! – Jude 24-25