About Us

Breakthrough 4 Life Ministries (B4LM), as it exists today, is really the story of two ministries that God knit together.  The Christian Home for Men started in 1976, and Pastor Tom Goss became the director in 1994.  International Breakthrough Ministries, which later became B4LM, started in 1998 when Pastors Don and Alana Randall came to El Paso, TX.

Truckstop Ministries

When the Randalls arrived in El Paso, God arranged a meeting between Pastor Don and Reverend Jack Conner. Reverend Conner at that time was the chaplain of the Truckstop Ministries in the area. He helped Pastor Don and the team make connections and get established in El Paso. Then Reverend Conner handed the chaplaincy over to Pastor Don.

The Christian Home

The Christian Home started through a coffeehouse ministry in El Paso called the White Dove. Paul Stroupe was a Baptist minister who had fallen away from the faith after a family tragedy. Through the coffeehouse ministry he turned his life back over to the Lord and experienced a miraculous healing. As he grew stronger, Paul became an integral part of the White Dove ministry. He developed a burden for those being saved and receiving ministry. He wanted to establish a place to meet people’s physical needs while they recovered and received a firm foundation in the Gospel. The vision was to return them to society as solid Christians and productive citizens.

Pastor Tom Goss came to the Christian Home after he was saved while serving at Fort Bliss in El Paso. After going home for a season, he returned to El Paso in 1994. At that time the board asked Pastor Tom to be the director. He directed the Home for nineteen years.

The Meeting

Reverend Conner brought Pastor Don to the Christian Home in order to meet Pastor Tom. Later Pastor Tom met the rest of the Breakthrough team at a monthly missionary luncheon hosted by The Church of St. Clement.