October 2016 Update

Greetings to our friends and partners in the work of the Kingdom of God!  September has been a month full of changes and exciting vision from the Lord.  We are grateful for your continued support and encouragement, especially in the last couple of months.

From Alana

Pastor Alana RandallDear Ones, In these last months, we have pursued to find a home base on the Navajo Nation, but each door of opportunity closed for now. We will be looking for a ministry place in the Gallup area.

In this transition the Lord continues to “order our steps” (Ps.37:23), and He is working out all things for His good pleasure (Rom.8:28) for each of us. In this new season there are some changes in my personal ministry life as well as the team’s. We are repositioning.  Pastor Tom Goss is now the President/Director for Breakthrough 4 Life Ministries. He’s been an active part of Breakthrough Ministries for over 16 years as an elder.  He knows Don’s and my heart and vision for the ministry.

We’ll pursue all that has been established and add more to the vision. I’ll be available for Breakthrough Ministries to do or go for any ministry work. We are excited and confident in the spreading of the Gospel of our Lord, and the vision will grow here and back up to the Navajo people.

Words cannot express my love to all of you who have supported this work with your sacrificial giving and your earnest prayers and for your love for my beloved Don and me. This work is the LORD’S as well as YOURS and OURS. Breakthrough 4 Life Ministries is growing because of your faithfulness. My hope and desire is that you’ll continue to be a vital and life-giving support.  All my love and life in Christ, Alana

From Linda

Linda Kidder“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” So declares our Lord through King Solomon in Ecc.3:1. Consider the truth of this in creation: An apple tree must have a period of dormancy and cold for it to produce fruit. Its barren branches appear lifeless, incapable of fruitfulness; yet we know that life indeed is working and that the warmth of spring will bring forth the leaves and blossoms and a harvest in the fall. The appearance of this ministry is changing as that apple tree changes, but the life flow and roots remain the same. God’s call, His heart, our purpose remain the same: to seek the lost, to love God above all and love others with His love; and to see lives changed through the power of the Holy Spirit as we worship, pray and share the Word of God. These principles from the Word of God will always be at the center of Breakthrough 4 Life as we move forward in faith and walk in obedience to His leading.   By His grace, Linda

From Tom & Lisa

Pastor Tom & Lisa Goss

When my husband was being considered for the director’s position at the Christian Home for Men, one of the board members asked him, “What are your qualifications?”  Tom simply shared his testimony of how his life had been impacted by the ministry of the Home.  At the time Tom was not looking to take the position.  He had wanted to help the ministry in any way that he could.   The Lord so arranged it that Tom ended up directing the ministry for 19 years.

I (Lisa) can imagine the same question being asked as our family transitions into this leadership role with Breakthrough:  what are your qualifications?  What can I say, except that Tom and I have been involved with and impacted by this ministry, first as individuals and then as a couple.  As Pastor Alana has written, Tom helped the ministry for over 16 years while he was Director of the Christian Home.  I came under the discipleship of the ministry for 6 years.  After Pastor Don passed away, Tom and I as a family helped Breakthrough through that transition time.  We have not looked to take on this leadership role, but we have been willing to help Breakthrough fulfill its vision in any way that we can.

God has made it clear through vision that Breakthrough is bigger than we know and will continue beyond us.  We are excited to see what He has planned for this next season, and we look forward to sharing it with all of you, our partners in this work.  We are grateful for and humbled by this opportunity.