December 2015 Update

Nativity scene

Dear Ones,
On Dec. 17 it will be one year without my beloved. This year has been one of the most difficult times of my life.  Through it the Lord has kept His promises to me. He has given His peace, His comfort, and His strength to carry on this work among the Navajo. He has increased in me to pastor these precious lambs, sheep, and some old goats, and He has given me a great co-worker, Ms. Linda Kidder. Ms. Linda and I are in a position for now of being hands-on with everything. We are alone to do and to be all that the Lord desires, as we continue to trust and rely on Him. The doing is a lot, but the being is far more life-giving; truly our lives are not our own. We are honored to preach, teach, and share His glorious Gospel. Please keep us in prayer for the strength and wisdom of the Lord to be our portion as we trust the Lord to do the supernatural here at Smith Lake. Continue reading December 2015 Update