September 2015 Update

Pastor Alana preaching the Word of God with an emphasis on true holiness
Pastor Alana preaching the Word of God

Greetings in the name of our blessed and glorious Lord Jesus, who is wonderful in all His ways!

We have had the joy of visiting a number of folks in their homes this month, believing for the “eyes of their understanding to be enlightened” as we have shared the Word and prayed with them.

Two weeks ago we took part in a powerful time of prayer on Mt. Taylor, one of four sacred mountains in the Navajo tradition. In the unity of the Spirit we came together as one to repent of sin, confess the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and declare His victory over the Navajo Nation.

Here at Smith Lake we continue to stand with and fight for those in our little flock whose loved ones are in bondage to alcoholism. It is everywhere we look and shows how much hopelessness there is without our Lord. Continue reading September 2015 Update