March 2015 Update

Greetings to all His Beloveds!!!

This month has been full as the ministry transition continues. Pastors Jim and Sandi Nunes came as part of our eldership to teach on discipleship, as it is needed among our Navajo people. Their teachings were full of godly wisdom and true treasures for the Body of Christ. Also Bro. Roger Bedingfield and his wife Debra came and spent time with us. They desire to help us establish a strong foundation. Roger has a real heart for discipling young men to equip them for the work of the kingdom. Pray with us for them, as they desire to live here to help the ministry.

Another opportunity for fellowship and ministering together with area pastors came through a series of meetings hosted by Cornerstone Ministry. Pastor Jeannette Connell and her team came to teach on spiritual cleansing and ministered deliverance and healing.

Breakthrough 4 Life is anticipating the arrival of Bro. Pat Toner from western Washington State. He will be here the week of Mar.18-24. He has a proven and accurate ministry in the prophetic office and will be bringing a word for the Navajo people.

The Tuesday women’s Bible studies and Sunday school for the children are our main focus as we believe for a great harvest among those we teach. There is such a mixture of truth and falsehood that only the “sincere milk of the Word” will bring eternal change.

Tom and Madelyn Goss working on the computer equipment
Tom and Madelyn Goss

From Pastor Alana: “Our dear friends of many years, Pastor Tom and Lisa Goss came to be with me and Ms. Linda when my beloved passed away. They have remained here to help Breakthrough and have been a true blessing as they have put in countless hours working on technology issues and the indescribable gift of comfort, encouragement and being a true elder brother to me. Lisa and baby have been a true family in my sorrow; I’m truly blessed and strengthened, as well as Ms. Linda. Their efforts for the kingdom’s sake are invaluable, and we can’t thank them enough.”

Over the next few months the Breakthrough 4 Life website will go through some necessary updates. The radio portion is the first to be re-worked and will be available the first week of March. We were blessed this month to meet with some other brothers involved in radio ministry in the Navajo Nation, and we look forward to seeing what comes from this networking.

Thank you, our friends and partners in this kingdom work! Your continued prayers and support are much appreciated.